I write. I write a lot. I enjoy it, and hopefully, you will enjoy the fruits of my labor. However, be aware that every work referenced here is individually copyrighted and may not be reproduced, copied or referenced without explicit written permission. Ask ... I'm usually quite permissive.
Political Rants

I have very strong views, and once someone gets me going I will tend to lay my position out with little ambiguity. For the most part, these essays are responses to political conversations in online forums, so they are pretty narrowly focused. My views - while strong - are generally a bit more flexible but you should should still get a good idea of where I stand on various issues.


I am a practitioner of Ko-Shoda Shinkage Heiho (litt. "the newest of strategies from Mount Shoda" ... a Japanese Sword Art). I also frequent several online forums to discuss various aspects of Japanese Sword Arts and regularly post solicited and unsolicited articles on the subject. Here - in no particular order - are a collection of some of what I feel are the more useful articles.


The following is a representative collection of fiction I've written recently and is comprised of short stories prose and some poetry.

The AMW Collection

My wife requested these pieces be preceded by an explanation, so ...

Some years ago, I dated a girl who I'll leave nameless for the sake of propriety. It was a hard three years and the break-up was rather messy to say the least. I'm being polite.

Those that know me will recognize the initials and for those that don't recognize them, again, I just don't feel right laying down names.

What follows are pieces I wrote about that time and I share them not to vilify anyone but to share what I think are some examples of my technically better writings.

Strong Language Advisory: these pieces are peppered with adult language and themes. You've been warned.